Safety critical systems and software development

Safety Systems adapted to your project

ClearSy is a major player recognized in the field of formal methods for the hardiness of its applications. It proposes solutions different from those of its competitors by applying formal methods to develop its safety critical systems.

Project management of the control system of the platform doors installed on Line 13 of the Paris Metro demonstrates our ability to develop Safe Operating industrial systems. Likewise, ClearSy has become a major player in the development of top-of-the-market safety critical systems: SIL2, SIL3, and SIL4 according to the applicable rail standards.

Safety software developed using formal methods

ClearSy is innovative in the packaging of software in terms of guaranteeing both the conformity of the software product and specifications to the customer needs. This warranty is possible due to the use of modelling techniques that allow, starting from the initial documents and exchanges, the creation of specifications verified by a formal method and expressed in a natural language.

This phrase allows the designers to eliminate the ambiguity of the customer requirement analysis, too often considered as developments, and provide a result entirely in line with needs. These specifications then act as the base for development created through techniques adapted for the operational constraints of the software product.

ClearSy offers contractual support to its warranty by a commitment to handle at its expense software changes related to a problem in the development of the code and the changes in these specifications if the problem is linked to a logic fault or ambiguity in the specifications.

The development of safety critical software undertaken by ClearSy meets the development criteria of SIL2, SIL3, and SIL4 software in terms of IEC 61508 standards and, in particular, standards EN50126, EN50128, and EN50129.

Examples of ClearSy’s safety critical systems and software

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