Formal Verification of Specifications

Due to our experience in modeling and our ability to understand and abstract our clients’ needs, we are able to support operators, industry and originators in verifying specifications for systems and software.

The B Method, associated with other formalisms, is used to analyze, validate, reorganize and provide elements that may complete specifications. This approach is applicable to every industrial sector. Today, it is used successfully in the automotive, bank, space and nuclear sectors.

The advantages observed are:

  • A more rapid focus on difficult areas
  • Reliable and justifiable summary
  • Direct and precise questioning
  • Proof of coherence
  • Achievable completeness
  • Elimination of professional “unsaids requirements”
  • Consideration of functional and dysfunctional aspects

For a return on investment that is positive in terms of:

  • Decrease in delayed failures
  • Gains in validation (improved testability)
  • More rapid convergence (realization quality)
  • Greater capitalization of knowledge

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