Electronic systems

ClearSy: Production of certified “turnkey” safety systems

ClearSy provides support to its customers in the entire management of the safety properties of an electronic system. This ongoing management occurs from the system specification till its operational implementation (installation, placement into service, operational maintenance,…) as well as certification by the certifying authorities (TÜV, Bureau Veritas, Certifer,..).

This management of “turnkey” solutions allows a company to benefit from the internal process of the ClearSy concept. In effect, this internal ClearSy process allows a company to manage negative impact events occuring at a rate less than 10-9 times an hour (corresponding to the SIL4 level).

Today, ClearSy’s expertise in the field of design of electronic safety systems is widely known and appreciated by the industrial sectors facing foreseeable threats classified as dangerous (risk of death to humans), extreme use environments (weather conditions, EMC, mechanical), and requiring the highest levels of reliability required for electronic equipment.

ClearSy: A laboratory of excellence in safety electronics

In order to meet the highest standards of safety system design, ClearSy has created a laboratory of excellence in safety electronics, capable of handling, among others, the following specific needs:

  • Intrinsic safety design,
  • Design assistance
  • Safety testing,
  • Remanufacture,
  • Maintenance.

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