Quality Audit – The parameter process of Siemens Energy substations

  • Date of start of project: November 19, 2009
  • Date of end of project: December 21, 2009
  • Customer: Siemens EA (Saint-Denis)

Project context

Siemens Energy is a branch of Siemens specializing in the design of substations and, specifically, the relay between the electric cables coming from the central stations and high voltage distribution lines. In this manner, Siemens Energy manages the parameters of its products in terms of the specific needs of its customers.

Faced wtih the need to respond to certain specific constraints in the list of specifications of one of its customers (RTE), SIemens Energy decided to call on ClearSy to manage a quality audit of its parameter process of the substations.

Our Actions

In the framework of this audit, Clearsy created a model of the parameter process in order to have a global and synthetic version.

The demands made by RTE on the Siemens Energy maintenance department were added to this model, allowing us to integrate them into the parameter process.

This then was followed by a study of the solutions to apply in the new Quality process. The study considered the following elements:

  • The already existing process,
  • The new process integrating the RTE requirements.

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