Certified SIL2 by CERTIFER under the reference ECI_1462_0005 – 26/07/2010

Operating principles of the KFS SIL2 (ATS)

The KFS system operates from three elements:

  • an onboard KFS sensor
  • a KFSI beacon installed on the ground on the track
  • an onboard KFS processing block or rack

The principle behind it is simple: the onboard KFS sensor detects an electro-magnetic (or magnetic) field, emitted by a KFSI beacon, installed on the ballast between the running rails via the intermediary of an external chassis, and relayed to the manoeuvre protection signal. The KFS sensor sends the information picked up at the KFS processing block, which is responsible for decoding it and passing on the information for the emergency braking or the driver’s alarm, which in turn triggers the halting of the tramway.

KFS SIL2 - Schéma

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