Ouragan / Octys Line 13

Monitoring and Control of Trains on line 13 of the Paris metro

  • Date :May 2008 / June 2009
  • Location :Line 13 of the Paris metro

Context of the Project

The Line 13 Ouragan Project consists of implementing a global testing and control solution for trains on Line 13 of the Paris metro. This solution includes modernisation of the PCC (Centralised Monitoring and Control Station), modernisation of the signalling and renewal of the automatic functioning.

Our Actions

Within the System teams in charge of the automatic testing/control functioning of L13 Ouragan are:


  • Methodological assessment for formal verification of the SCADE components making up the software for the Line 13 Ouragan metro
  • Assessment of the SCADE Design Verifier / Prover Technology tooling


  • Standard system specification of the software components from Line 13 Ouragan software
  • Function for managing interfaces with the signalling equipment
  • Modelling of the Simulink software architecture
  • Specification of the software requirements


  • Engineering of the static data for configuration of the Line 13 Ouragan metro
  • Production of system plans for data management
  • Production of specification files for system data
  • Specification of the data formats useful to sub-systems
  • Entry and verification of signalling data

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