Ouragan / Octys Line 5

Onboard Automatic Pilot

ClearSy is assisting AREVA in the creation of safety software for the Onboard equipment of the control system mechanism, which enables the line 5 metros from the RATP network to be piloted. The ATO software (Automatic Train Operation) directly pilots the traction and braking equipment according to the characteristics of the track and the speed instructions.

ClearSy has participated with the AREVA engineering system in the adjustment of the automatic solutions and the automatic controls by performing a simulation of programmable trains (STOMI). This development has been performed by using the MatLab software. The automatic controls have been tuned with the help of the experts from the laboratory of automatism at Nancy (CRAN).

ClearSy is currently participating in the development of the software, which implements these automatic control solutions, as well as other piloting functions embarked aboard. This software was developed in C++ and then embarked on AREVA’s automatic control solutions.

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