Ouragan / OCTYS line 3

Validation of the onboard safety software

  • Date: From April 2008 to 2011
  • Place: Line 3

Project context

The OCTYS Line 3 project, formerly OURAGAN line 3, consists of installing a global command and control solution of the trains traveling on Line 3 of the Paris Metro. This solution incorporates among others a renovation of the ground and on-board automatic functions.

Our actions

With safety validation teams:

Static verification of the models

  • Static analysis of the base machines to ensure the cohesion and completeness of the base machine code with B-model.
  • Statisitical analysis of the general formal concept to ensure the cohesion and completeness of B-model and its implementation with the requirements of the on-board safety software.
  • Verification of the proper definition of the proof rules added by the user.

Dynamic verification of the ON-BOARD safety software

  • Verification of the completeness and proper application of the requirements of the safety file of the on-board software by the definition and simulation of unsafe scenarios.

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