Capteur UP2S

UP2S Sensor

In the framework of the Regiolis project, Alstom is currently modernizing its wagons by proposing a new generation of trains, more modern with better performance, intended for use in the regional transports of the French railroad fleet.

Concerned about the issue of handicapped accessibility to the trains, Altom signed a contract with ClearSy to develop the UP2S system, a platform detection system, to take into account the various heights and lengths of platforms.

Operating Principles

UP2S is designed to detect the presence of a platform when the train is in the stop position. As required, UP2S allows the train doors to open.

This system works due to ultrasound sensors allowing the detection of an obstacle. Placed underneath the door of each train door, the system is safe and has attained the Certifier SIL3 level.

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