Urbalis Evolution – Sao Paulo Metro

Project Context

In order to relieve the rail traffic at times when it is saturated by users, Alstom has developed a system called Urbalis Evolution, which aims to obtain the best efficiency in terms of traffic, whilst preserving the safety of the passengers.

This system is a CBTC (Communication Based Train Control), which automatically controls the rail traffic on a train or an underground train. It is based on the continuous communication between the train and the computers in charge of steering the traffic, which enables the latter to be rendered more fluid, whilst respecting the strict safety constraints.

After the underground rail network in Beijing and Milan, it’s the turn of the Sao Paulo underground to be equipped with this system, on lines 1, 2 and 3.

Our Actions

Within this context, the engineers from ClearSy have assisted Alstom in the development of onboard and disembarked safety software making up this CBTC.

As proved to be the case during previous versions of Urbalis Evolution, Clearsy participated in drawing up the specifications associated with the safety software, and proceeded with their development by applying the formal B method.

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