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TopcasedClearSy has participated in the European Topcased project since April 2008 in collaboration with the CNES. Topcased is an open source software toolkit project integrated into Eclipse’s IDE. The project started in 2004 and aims at providing a set of software engineering tools for the development of real time critical systems. Its objective is to offer a low cost sustainable solution.

Topcased is part of the MDE (Model Driven Engineering) process, which consists in developing tools on the basis of models. It natively includes many graphical editors (UML2, SYSML, AADL, SAM, ECORE) and also allows for the creation of a proprietary meta-model editor.

ClearSy contributes in various ways:

  • Model development means:
    • Development of a B event editor
  • Verification, evaluation and (co-)simulation of models:
    • Integration of verification tools based on formal mathematical proof techniques.
    • Integration of formal model animation tools (Brama).
  • Inter-operability of tools and data management:
    • Coupling with commercial or free B tools (Atelier B, Rodin, Brama).

Current ClearSy Projects

Development of the Event-B Editor (Topcased-EventB Project)

ClearSy is contributing to the development of the formal Event-B method. Our project consists in integrating into Topcased a graphical editor for Event-B language. The editor was created with Eclipse’s GMF modelling framework.

Coupling with B Tools

This editor also proposes a set of functionalities to produce models in the format of Rodin and Atelier B tools (using EVT2B, an Event-B translator). The Acceleo open source software was used for this project. The editor also provides a tool to generate diagrams from Rodin models.


Topcased - Schéma

Participation in the TOPCASED-EVENT B Project

As the Topcased-EventB project is an open source project, you can participate and contribute to its development. The project is stored on line on the GForge-Topcased platform and requires an account. If you would like to participate, simply fill in the account form. Then, once registered, you can submit your contribution to the project administrators.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of functionalities that have not been implemented:

  • Implementation of copy/paste/drag for clause items.
  • Improvement of the editor design: addition of icons, change of current figures…
  • Implementation of an analyzer/validator for the predicate syntax.
  • Improvement of the format conversion tools (IF clause management, witness management…)
  • Implementation of a new view window that describes the hierarchy of a selected event.

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Tools Used

GMF Acceleo

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