Operational systems

COPP System deployment

A major part of Clearsy’s activity is concentrated on the railway sector.

Equipping the 12 stations on line 13 of the Paris Metro




> ClearSy is developing numerous security systems in the rail transport domain, some of which are destined for the Paris metro. Years of development have enabled it to develop its expertise, offer reliable solutions and produce prototypes.

The RATP has chosen the COPP system, present in version 1 format on line 13 that terminates at Châtillon-Montrouge, to be deployed in twelve stations on line 13 of the metro. This system has been designed by ClearSy in partnership with RATP.

Our actions

For this operation, Clearsy is improving its Control of Opening and Closing Platform Screens Doors (COPP) product and putting forward the version 2 format, which functions solely with the mats on each track. ClearSy assures the deployment of its product. This project claims to industrialise the process and design new activities. ClearSy is responsible for the manufacturing, installation and verification posts. The manufacturing and installation posts are farmed out externally.

The latest post is the responsibility of ClearSy which:
> tests the work carried out by the companies
> integrates its product
> checks the way it works in its environment

This project now enables ClearSy to propose the installation of its products in an industrial process by integrating the constraints and demands of the final client.