Engineering Complex Preponderant Software Systems Seminar in Toulouse

12 novembre 2013

CLEARSY attended the ISCLP seminar organized by the DGA as part of its mission « to prepare the future of defense systems . »

Engineering Complex Preponderant Software Systems
Engineering Complex Preponderant Software Systems

The seminar ISCLP (Engineering Complex Preponderant Software Systems) was held for two days at the CEAT in Toulouse and focused on embedded systems of the future , mainly in the field of aeronautics.
The themes presented by the Aerospace Valley Pole , Airbus, CNES , Ceat , DGA , Thales, LAAS , Onera , Dassault, ISAE , Valtech , Bull and CLEARSY focused on hypervisor issues, integration and testing, SDF (Operating safety), co -design, multi-core architectures , critical system, and formal methods.
In particular CLEARSY presented his feedback in the field of generation and diversification of code from formal models for distributed security with high redundancy applications, on multi-processor target architectures (multi-core) . The B Method, supported by new tools (Atelier B) distributed by CLEARSY is used for the formal validation of applications and data. These techniques are used to develop the new secure network platform Saturn developed by CLEARSY and Leroy Automation.