Historical background

After having worked in the field of real time system creation, Clearsy’s founders discovered formal methods and their advantages in the 1990s.

Historical background

Founders developed and industrialized what would become the first true industrial software development tool using the formal B method.

This tool, Atelier B, has since allowed for the realization of a broad range of safety software fully proven mathematically that complies with the strictest standards.

These industrial successes in the software world also revealed the importance of the quality of system specifications for critical software. In collaboration with the method inventor and laboratories, Clearsy has improved formal system modelling techniques.

Various industrial projects have already used these techniques for system specifications (components, electronic architecture and automated systems).

All these experiments have convinced Clearsy engineers that formal methods are tools that allow for a greater control of systems and facilitate the certification of systems and software.

For these reasons, Clearsy has decided to:

> Position itself on the market of safety system creation
> Use the formal B method to create systems and software for clients.

This decision is important for various reasons:

> Clearsy innovates on the system and software realization market by introducing the use of formal methods
> The use of modeling tools and techniques allows us to continuously capitalize and improve the quality of the systems we produce
> The realization of operational systems leads us to implement and develop formal tools that are increasingly accessible to engineers.

Clearsy therefore wishes to become the leader in formal development techniques and tools for security systems.


Some dates

> 1993 : The industrialization of Atelier B begins for use in the METEOR safety software.
> 1994 : Distribution of the first version of Atelier B
> 1998 : Industrial version of Atelier B and the METEOR metro line becomes operational.

> 2001 : Creation of the Clear SY to develop the B-Method. Two locations: Aix en Provence and Paris
> 2002 : First version of formal language system. Use of the B-Method to realize the operational principles of the Peugeot 206, 307 and 407 (Operational documentation)
> 2003 : Creation of the Operational Safety (SDF) activity.
> 2004 : A free B-Method tool is made available to academics : B4Free
> 2005 : Development of the specification for industrial systems with the B-Method.
> 2006 : Beta test version of a formal system specification tool: Composys. – Placement into service of the Coppilot safety system of platform screen door control in Line 13.
> 2007 : Development of Brama, a model B graphic animation tool. Installation of the COPP system in the Châtillon station in Paris, integrating safety material deveoped by ClearSy.
> 2008 : The Company makes available a free version of Atelier B 4.0 and free license modules.
> 2009 : Recognized as a Certifer tester
Start of the installations of the DOF1 system developed by ClearSy on Line 1 of the Paris Metro.
Signing of the contract for the development, delivery, and installation of the SIL3 COPPILOT safety system in the Sao Paulo metro

> 2010 : Project manager of the rollout of the COPP system developed by ClearSy in twelve stations of Line 13 of the Paris Metro.
Assisted in the evaluation of the safety systems of the Flush and Culver lines for the New York City Subway.
> 2011 : Development of 3 systems in the framework of the Regiolis project managed by Alstom: SAS and GAPS/UP2S.
Placement into service of KFS SIL2 in the Lyon tramway Rhônexpress.
> 2012 : Starting up of the Individuals’ Detection in dangerous Gaps system in the line 1 in Paris (DIL).
Opening of a branch in Lyon.
> 2013 : Distribution of a SIL4 relay according to Industrial Standard 61508, developed by Clearsy. (RS4)
Distribution agreement of systems developed by RATP(PARIS PUBLIC TRANSPORT SYSTEM).
Signature of a contract for the installation of the command control system of screen doors installed on the new Monorail in Sao-Paulo. (nom du system)
> 2014 : Starting up of the automatic shutdown system of tramway in Valenciennes (KFS SIL2).