Station de mesure et banc de freinage
Measuring station & braking bench

The CLEARSY measuring station allows to measure, verify and archive the values from the sensors. A processing board centralises […]

Electronic expertise Nuclear-energy

CLEARSY réalise des expertises de cartes et systèmes électroniques nucléaires classés.

Software expertise Nuclear-energy

CLEARSY réalise des expertises de logiciels développés spécifiquement pour le domaine nucléaire en utilisant une grande variétés de méthodes et outils.

Compliance of industrial systems Nuclear-energy

CLEARSY réalise des analyses de conformité de systèmes industriels aux normes nucléaires en vigueur.

Cybersecurity cybersecurity

CLEARSY, designer of secure programmed systems, offers a range of services and products in the field of computer security. This […]

Formal analysis and validation of software Railway

CLEARSY proposes a new innovative analysis approach to establish with mathematical proof that all or part of a software are […]

Entrées/sorties sécuritaires déportées (SATURN)
fail-safe remote i/o (SATURN) SIL2-SIL4 Railway

SATURN is a new platform featuring high-robustness and availability for safety solutions. Easy to configure and efficient as a railway […]

Développement de système critique sur-mesure
Custom made safety critical systems development Railway

Safety systems adapted to your project CLEARSY is a major player recognized in the field of formal methods for the […]

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