fail-safe remote i/o (SATURN) SIL2-SIL4

Entrées/sorties sécuritaires déportées (SATURN)

SATURN is a new platform featuring high-robustness and availability for safety solutions.

Easy to configure and efficient as a railway remote I/O management solution, this platform dramatically reduces the vehicle cabling architecture and its associated cost.

SIL0, SIL2 and SIL4 product range EN50155 – EN50129 – EN50128

Documents and ISA* Certification

  • Certificat EC 8565/0152
  • Certificat EC 8565/0151
  • Certificat EC 8565/0150
  • Certificat EC 8565/0149

A range of I/O modules, which features

  • Input/output nodes (digital inputs, static outputs, relay outputs and analogue I/Os).
  • Railway EN50155 Modules (24-120Vdc)
  • A single DIN41612 connector per node (IO + power + communication)
  • EN50155 Railway modules (24-120Vdc)
  • SIL4 available in 2016 or before on demand
  • Safety integrity level : SIL0, SIL2 et SIL4.

A concentrateur/gateway

  • The concentrator manages the ring network
  • One-point communication between the platform and the end-user application
  • Gateway functions for field bus (Ethernet, MVB, CAN, CANopen, RS422/RS485…)
  • The concentrator supplies the electrical power to the ring network
  • Safety logical functions can be integrated into the concentrator module
  • A redundant concentrator used as backup module

An innovative ring network

  • Two unidirectional reverse channels
  • Redundant ring of power supply
  • 1 ms deterministic cycle for 32 IO modules
  • 100% network operability during a line failure
  • Provider-consumer or master-slave protocol
  • Safety protocol, internal and external
  • Permanent diagnostic functions
  • Up to 1.000 m between modules
  • Up to 12 Mb/s for 100m repetition distance
  • Up to 128 modules per ring
  • Power supply of modules provided by the gateway


Recent partner’s references on i/o systems:

  • PRASA – Afrique du sud (16000 unités déployées pour 3000 voitures)
  • LRT – OttawaNS-74 – métro de Santiago
  • Danemark (Architecture ERMTS)

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