Baseline 3 ETCS DMI and Programable generic SIL2 platform Railway

This DMI (Display Machine Interface) is a HMI platform 10.4’’ which provides SIL2 display, interaction and computation. It is available […]

CLEARSY Safety Platform’s Starter kit for industry Railway

To start with industrial CLEARSY Safety Plateform In its certified industrial version, the CLEARSY Safety Platform is available as a […]

CLEARSY Safety Platform
Computer for academic use: CLEARSY Safety Plateform Railway

Computer for academic use: CLEARSY Safety Plateform In addition to the industrial and certified version, The CLEARSY Safety Platform is […]

Détecteur pneu dégonflé (DRFT)
Deflated tyre detector (DRFT) Railway

Ce détecteur détecte, identifie et avertit de la présence d’un pneu dégonflé.

Dispositif anti-chute
fall protection device Railway

Its principle is to prevent the intrusion of people into the gap by putting a physical obstacle between the platform and the dangerous zone in the lower gap.

Highlighter Railway

The highlighter is a computerised schematic entry tool. used for the maintenance of legacy installations

Lasers Railway

CLEARSY uses commercially available laser sensors to build turnkey systems for the control of critical infrastructure.

Network of safe data communication modules (SIL4 inputs) Electronics, Railway

To eliminate expensive cables along the track, the natural solution is to use a computer network. But to collect SIL4 […]

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