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The CLEARSY company

CLEARSY was founded on January 1, 2001 by the team of engineers responsible for the industrialisation of the formal modelling tool called Atelier B, used in the railway sector to produce safety software.

CLEARSY: safety systems engineering

We are a French SME, specialised in the realisation of safety systems and software from level SIL1 to SIL4. We develop complex systems by ensuring their design, their validation, verification and safety study, right up to their commissioning.

CLEARSY produces safe systems and software in the railway, automotive, military, space and nuclear fields.

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Safe obstacle detection and safe train location for little-used rail lines
The ECOTRAIN project aims to revitalize small railway lines that are currently abandoned or under threat. It is supported by […]
WEBINAR: Rigorous validation of safety-critical software parameterization data
CLEARSY invites you to the WEBINAR: Rigorous validation of safety-critical software parameterization data. Tuesday, November 21st 2023 @ 8:00PM CET […]
Safe power management system for the Paris T12 tramway line
The power management system for the 3 sections of the T12 tramway line requires a SIL3 safety level in accordance […]
CLEARSY’s supervision gateway is SIL2-certified for the Grand Paris Express
CLEARSY will shortly be deploying its supervision gateway (“concentrator”) for the fire safety and ventilation systems installed on lines 15, […]
CLEARSY an innovative player in saving little-used rail lines
New Frugal Rail Signaling (NS2F) is a collaborative project supported by the French government as part of the France Relance […]
Version 4 of the ETCS specification has just been published
A new version of the European Train Control System (ETCS) specification has just been published: Baseline 4. Over the past […]

Safety software and systems

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