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The CLEARSY company

CLEARSY was founded on January 1, 2001 by the team of engineers responsible for the industrialisation of the formal modelling tool called Atelier B, used in the railway sector to produce safety software.

CLEARSY: safety systems engineering

We are a French SME, specialised in the realisation of safety systems and software from level SIL1 to SIL4. We develop complex systems by ensuring their design, their validation, verification and safety study, right up to their commissioning.

CLEARSY produces safe systems and software in the railway, automotive, military, space and nuclear fields.

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The White House highlights the use of formal methods in a new report.
The White House highlights the use of formal methods in a new report. Three points very interesting: It is possible […]
Platform doors on PARIS line 13 controlled by CLEARSY’s safety system
RATP renews its confidence in the system developed by CLEARSY and in service since 2012 on line 13, for SIL3 […]
CLEARSY secures SIEMENS supervision software
CLEARSY is proud to support its customer SIEMENS MOBILITY in the project to secure the supervision software as part of […]
Renewal of the RATP CLEARSY partnership
We are delighted to announce that CLEARSY has recently signed a four-year framework agreement with RATP (PARIS subway) for safety […]
Safe, communicating light infrastructure for renewing track on secondary lines
INFRAlight, a winning France 2030 project supported by ADEME, is an innovator in rail infrastructure. It proposes composite material tracks, […]
Safe obstacle detection and safe train location for little-used rail lines
The ECOTRAIN project aims to revitalize small railway lines that are currently abandoned or under threat. It is supported by […]

Safety software and systems

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