Components : Railway

Baseline 3 ETCS DMI and Programable generic SIL2 platform Railway

This DMI (Display Machine Interface) is a HMI platform 10.4’’ which provides SIL2 display, interaction and computation. It is available […]

CLEARSY Safety Platform’s Starter kit for industry Railway

To start with industrial CLEARSY Safety Plateform In its certified industrial version, the CLEARSY Safety Platform is available as a […]

CLEARSY Safety Platform
Computer for academic use: CLEARSY Safety Plateform Railway

Computer for academic use: CLEARSY Safety Plateform In addition to the industrial and certified version, The CLEARSY Safety Platform is […]

Détecteur pneu dégonflé (DRFT)
Deflated tyre detector (DRFT) Railway

Ce détecteur détecte, identifie et avertit de la présence d’un pneu dégonflé.

Dispositif anti-chute
fall protection device Railway

Its principle is to prevent the intrusion of people into the gap by putting a physical obstacle between the platform and the dangerous zone in the lower gap.

Highlighter Railway

The highlighter is a computerised schematic entry tool. used for the maintenance of legacy installations

Lasers Railway

CLEARSY utilise des capteurs laser disponibles sur le marché afin de construire des systèmes clés-en-main pour le contrôle-commande d'infrastructures critiques.

RS4.3U.2×202.24V SIL4 vital relay Nuclear-energy, Railway

The 2*202 relay features two relays with 2 NO contacts SIL4-guaranteed to open and 2 NC contacts on a 3U […]

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