Software expertise

CLEARSY performs expert assessments of software developed specifically for the nuclear industry using a wide variety of methods and tools.

Analysis of 1E code under Frama-C environment

Analyses of critical software controlling the reactivity (RPN, RGL, RCSL)

Configuration of the environment, stubbing of interfaces, elimination of false positives

Customer: EDF

Static analysis of 1E code under Polyspace

Analysis of CO3 C1 RPN and RPR software

Customer: EDF

Audit of the Diesel Ultimate Service (DUS) software

M340 PLC software representing 22 modules and 900 I/OS.

Audit according to IEC61513 and 62138 (C3) of development and test tooling.

Customer: Schneider Electric

Robustness study of a supervision system for
detection system

Study aiming at a C3 qualification of the life cycle of
supervision software.Definition of recommendations and additional tests
of recommendations and additional tests.

Customer: Teledyne

Critical review of embedded code

Torpedo launching equipment for combat ships

Analysis of the implementation of safety requirements

Customer: Naval Group

Formal code modelling for verification of properties

Implementation of formal method B

Verification of 1E software modules for
TelePerm XS

Modelling of software functions and verification of correct implementation with respect to the specification

Customer: Framatome

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