Développement de logiciels critiques
Safety critical systems & software

Safety software developed using formal method CLEARSY is innovative in the packaging of software in terms of guaranteeing both the […]

Commande d’ouverture et la fermeture de façades de quais
System to control platform screen doors (COPPILOT) SIL3-SIL4 Railway

COPPILOT is a safety critical railway system, which controls the opening and closing of platform screen doors at a metro […]

Contrôle d’ouverture et de fermeture des façades de quai de la ligne 1 du métro Parisien
System to control platform screen doors (DOF) SIL3-SIL4 Railway

In the context of the “Paris Subway Line 1 Automation” project, the SIL3 DOF safety system, which is independent from […]

Détection de passage sécuritaire SIL4 (DPAS)
Train passage detection system (DNH)

The DNH Barrier DNH is composed of an infrared transmitter and receiver positioned at a certain distance one from the […]

Opening and closing gap filer authorization system (GAPS) SIL2

GAPS aims to measure the distance between the platform and the train before installing a gap-bridging system as well as […]

Détection d’individus dans les lacunes (DIL)
System to detect a person in a gap SIL3 (DIL)

CLEARSY was chosen by the RATP to install a person detection system (DIL). The project includes studies, development, supply, qualification, […]

Comble lacune (CACOLAC)
Gap filler control system (CACOLAC)

CACOLAC is a device designed to enable persons with reduced mobility (PRM) to embark and disembark from the train with […]

ERTMS/ETCS services

20 years of continuous work in this field allowed us acquiring a unique expertise that is widely recognised. CLEARSY’s value […]

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