Éditeur de voie ETCS
ETCS Track Editor Railway

This tool enables the creation and modification of a track, and its storage in a MySQL database. The produced track […]

Outil d’évaluation et d’analyse
Evaluation and analysis tools Railway

This set of tools enables the analysis and display of the data logged by other CLEARY products (Operational Simulator, Traffic […]

Suite d’outils de visualisation de voie en 3D
External 3D visualisation applications Railway

One of the extensions of the Operational Simulator is the connection to a 3D track visualisation application. Visualisation and 3D […]

Entrées/sorties sécuritaires déportées (SATURN)
fail-safe remote i/o (SATURN) SIL2-SIL4 Railway

SATURN is a new platform featuring high-robustness and availability for safety solutions. Easy to configure and efficient as a railway […]

Formal analysis and validation of software Railway

CLEARSY proposes a new innovative analysis approach to establish with mathematical proof that all or part of a software are […]

Outil de validation formelle de données
Formal data validation Railway

In the railways, safety critical software applications are usually developed and validated independently from the parameters or constant data that […]

Formal system validation Railway

The formal system validation, obtained with the B-method, is an element of the demonstration of the safety of a critical system.

Comble lacune (CACOLAC)
Gap filler control system (CACOLAC)

CACOLAC is a device designed to enable persons with reduced mobility (PRM) to embark and disembark from the train with […]

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