Interface homme-machine DMI ERTMS
ETCS Driver Machine Interface software – SIL2 Railway

The ETCS DMI is the interface between the driver and the ERTMS/ETCS system. It allows: the entry of information (driver […]

Outil de validation formelle de données
Formal data validation Railway

In the railways, safety critical software applications are usually developed and validated independently from the parameters or constant data that […]

Safety services Nuclear-energy, Railway

The principal techniques used by CLEARSY consultants to conduct safety analyses are: safety analysis & safety demonstration and analysis. CLEARSY […]

Système de Contrôle Ponctuel de Vitesse Autonome (KPVA)
Signal Crossing Prevention System (Automatic Train Stop, ATS): KFS SIL2 system Railway

This is a signal crossing control system (a signal such as a red light, for example), an ATS, which comprises […]

Simulateur opérationnel ERTMS/ETCS
ERTMS/ETCS Operational Simulator Railway

The ERTMS/ETCS Operational Simulator is a real time simulation demonstrating how trains can be run on tracks under ERTMS/ETCS supervision. […]

Banc de test ERTMS RBC/IXL
ERTMS RBC/IXL Test Bench Railway

CLEARSY provides various tools and test benches to validate ERTMS/ETCS components. The ERTMS/ETCS RBC Test Bench is a complete simulation […]

Simulateur de trafic ERTMS/ETCS
ERTMS/ETCS Traffic Simulator Railway

The ERTMS/ETCS Traffic Simulator is a real time system including: multiple train simulation; interlocking simulation; route map; RBC simulation; traffic […]

Éditeur de voie ETCS
ETCS Track Editor Railway

This tool enables the creation and modification of a track, and its storage in a MySQL database. The produced track […]

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