Level crossing control SIL4 (KPN)

The DRF sensor detects the train’s passage. The module connected to the sensor sends information to level crossing management. Managed […]

maintenance support, supervision Nuclear-energy, Railway

The offer is based on CLEARSY's expertise, the DAME software suite and its ability to secure interfaces.

Opening and closing gap filer authorization system (GAPS) SIL2

GAPS aims to measure the distance between the platform and the train before installing a gap-bridging system as well as […]

Développement de logiciels critiques
Safety critical systems & softwares

Safety software developed using formal method CLEARSY is innovative in the packaging of software in terms of guaranteeing both the […]

Safety services Nuclear-energy, Railway

The principal techniques used by CLEARSY consultants to conduct safety analyses are: safety analysis & safety demonstration and analysis. CLEARSY […]

Système de Contrôle Ponctuel de Vitesse Autonome (KPVA)
Signal Crossing Prevention System (Automatic Train Stop, ATS): KFS SIL2 system Railway

This is a signal crossing control system (a signal such as a red light, for example), an ATS, which comprises […]

Commande d’ouverture et la fermeture de façades de quais
System to control platform screen doors (COPPILOT) SIL3-SIL4 Railway

COPPILOT is a safety critical railway system, which controls the opening and closing of platform screen doors at a metro […]

Contrôle d’ouverture et de fermeture des façades de quai de la ligne 1 du métro Parisien
System to control platform screen doors (DOF) SIL3-SIL4 Railway

In the context of the “Paris Subway Line 1 Automation” project, the SIL3 DOF safety system, which is independent from […]

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