Banc de test ERTMS RBC/IXL

CLEARSY provides various tools and test benches to validate ERTMS/ETCS components. The ERTMS/ETCS RBC Test Bench is a complete simulation that allows testing a couple Interlocking/RBC or the RBC itself.

The test environment includes:

  • a Route Map with static information (e.g. track topology, infrastructure elements…), and dynamic information (e.g. train movements, changes of signal aspects, point positions…);
  • multiple Train modules: all independent from each other, being run manually or automatically, and all equipped with train dynamics and EVC simulation;
  • a generic interlocking simulator, if it is not part of the object to be tested: routes can be set and cancelled;
  • a recording unit: to log all information in real time and to display the results.

The interface between trains and RBC is standardised (ISDN/ER) whereas the interface between Route Map and Interlocking can easily be customised through the use of plugins.

The interface between RBC and Interlocking is always a specific development, as there is no European standard available at the moment.

The ERTMS/ETCS RBC Test Bench is compliant with Baseline 2 (2.3.0D) and will be soon compliant with Baseline 3 (3.3.0, 3.4.0 and 3.6.0).

An OBU Test Bench and a RBC/IXL Test Bench can be combined to test simultaneously EVC and RBC components which may be delivered by different suppliers. Moreover, simulated automatic or manual trains can be added to the system to create a comprehensive and automatic test environment. Such kind of configurations is typically used for interoperability testing (IOP).

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