Electronic expertise

CLEARSY performs expert assessments of classified nuclear electronic boards and systems.

Study of reliability collections

Critical comparative study of reliability reference systems of electronic components

Customer: EDF

Reliability studies of critical electronic systems

Reliability study of the core protection system of the high flux reactor

System including seismic reactor shutdown, safety circuits and safety circuits and control rods (category A)

Functional Analysis – Fault Trees Reliability data collection (EPS framework)

Reliability of exchangers

Reliability of the ultimate reflooding system (CRU, Category B, EPS framework)

Customer: ILL

Reliability study of the personnel security system of the LMJ

System with several thousand inputs/outputs

Electrical, laser and radiological risks

Fault trees, scenarios for achieving objectives, MTBF calculation

Customer: CEA

TN1 hazard assessment

Hazard assessment in a complex system environment environment, involving analogue and digital electronics digital electronics (FPGA)

Customer: EDF

Anomaly assessment on Boremeter

Expertise of a slow drift observed on a complex instrumentation for measuring the boron level in the in the primary circuit

Customer: EDF

Study of the ageing of electronic components as a result of radiation

Study of the effect of radiation on the ageing of electronic transistors.

Analysis of reversible and irreversible impacts.

Customer: EDF

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