Compliance of industrial systems

CLEARSY carries out analyses of the compliance of industrial systems with current nuclear standards.

Qualification of Class 1 Smart Devices (Gutor and

Compliance of equipment with a set of nuclear
standards (IEC 61513, 60880, 60987, 62566)

Customer: EDF

Comparative study between the industrial
61508 and nuclear standards 61513 and 62138

Gap analysis to move from industrial to nuclear qualification

Customer: EDF

Compliance study of industrial files
Anoxia detection system

Compliance of the PSS-OS document (automated stations)

Customer: ITER

Critical Control System Compliance Studies

Control system dealing with nuclear and conventional risks, consisting of SIEMENS S7-400 safety PLCs, servers and operator stations under WinCC-OA (CSS)

Support to the design, qualification and integration
of ITER safety control systems according to
TEC 61508, 61513 and daughter standards.

Compliance study of industrial file

Hydrogen monitoring system

Compliance with IEC 61513 standards

Customer: ITER

Several studies including :

  • Electrical compliance study NFC 15-100 of
    industrial files
  • Study of the compliance of the Software Quality Plan to IEC 61508 and 62138 standards
  • Study of the compliance of the system specifications (SRS) to IEC 61513 and the standard SMART

Customer: ITER

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