Incremental Event-Based Model Refinement (RIMEL)

The project RIMEL has been selected for funding by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche, for the call for project 2006  “security and computer science”

  • DURATION: 3 years
  • web site
  • This project was managed :
    • by the  LORIA (Université Henri Poincaré Nancy II)
    • associating LABRI laboratory (Université Bordeaux I) and CLEARSY

This project mainly concerns the refinement of event-driven models and the systematisation of this technique in the context of targeted applications, in particular the design of algorithms or distributed systems.

The systematisation of this technique is based on the development of conceptual schemes called development patterns based on validation by proof (proven development patterns).

This project is aimed at the following topics :

  • Refinement theory : probabilistic refinement, with support of time and fatality
  • Proof-based design patterns : system-level formal engineering methodology
  • Self-healing systems and distributed algorithms
  • Tools and dissemination

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