Research & Development

ClearSy invests heavily in Research and Development to develop new tools and validate new modeling techniques. ClearSy conducts many Research and Development projects in partnership with industry to provide its clients with innovations in terms of system engineering tools and methods.

To this end, ClearSy participates in a wide range of networks of excellence and projects financed by France and the European Union.

In addition, ClearSy is an active member of the “Association Française d’Ingénierie Système”, the “Formal Methods Europe” network and the “Institut pour la Maîtrise des Risques et la Sûreté de Fonctionnement”.

Topics recently discussed include:

  • The joint use of B and UML
  • The realization of proven VHDL components
  • The realization of a code generator for chip cards
  • A methodological approach for decision engineering
  • Use of the B method for the specification and proof of systems

European project in progress:


The RODIN project (development of an open platform to design systems that tolerate errors) has begun. The objective of this three year project is to develop the future B specifications and development environment. The industrial partners are: Nokia (Finland), VT Engine Control (UK) and Praxis (UK). The academic partners are: University of Newcastle (UK), University of Southampton (UK), Aobo (Finland) and ETH Zurich (Switzerland). More informations about Rodin…

Conference Participation

  • ZB’2003 (Turku – June 2003)
  • QSL“Formal System Engineering” (Nancy – April 2003)
  • QSL “The B Method” (Nancy – February 2002)

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