CLEARSY supplies the platform screen gate monitoring system for the Honolulu metro

The Honolulu metro is equipped with STANLEY platform screen doors, which are controlled by the HITACHI Automatic Train Control (ATC) system, integrating STANLEY Train Door Control Units (DCU). CLEARSY has developed a supervision, maintenance and operation system based on its DAME product, customized to meet the functional requirements of the HART (Honolulu Area Rapid Transit) end customer.

CLEARSY’s DAME is hosted on a small Fanless PC running Linux, and offers several functionalities:

  • Supervision of platform doors thanks to an animated graphic interface that displays doors movements and the presence of the train on the platform in real time
  • Calculation and display of alarms using a logic equation engine
  • Real-time display of the status of each landing door in synchronization with the ATC, including all inputs and outputs
  • Parameter management for each DCU, with the option of downloading new software
  • Event history recorded in a logbook

HMIs are animated via an Internet browser, accessible both locally and remotely.

The DAME also transmits information to ATC on the opening and closing status of platform doors, as well as any faults. It can also send commands to the DCUs when the train is at the platform.

The interfaces developed include:

  • Implementation of the proprietary communication protocol with the HITACHI ATC
  • Implementation of the proprietary communication protocol with STANLEY DCUs
  • Input/output management via an interface card with 32 inputs and 32 outputs (opto-coupled)

This equipment, essential for managing a station’s platform doors, was deployed in each of the 9 stations in the first section, between East Kapolei and Aloha Stadium. Commissioning was successfully completed on June 20, 2023. To date, there are still 12 stations to be equipped, spread over 3 additional sections.

CLEARSY has also developed a separate integration tool for STANLEY landing doors. This tool enables the factory to check the correct operation of the wiring and the various functionalities before deploying the landing doors and their door control units in stations. With this tool, CLEARSY guarantees the quality and reliability of its landing doors from the moment they are manufactured, ensuring that they are fully operational before installation on site. This proactive approach demonstrates CLEARSY’s commitment to providing robust solutions and ensuring customer satisfaction throughout the process, from production to commissioning.

This achievement testifies to CLEARSY’s expertise in designing and implementing advanced technological solutions to meet the specific needs of its customers. By delivering a fully functional supervision system, CLEARSY has demonstrated its ability to provide tailor-made solutions that meet the high demands of the project and guarantee efficient management of the Honolulu metro’s platform doors.

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