Vehicle diagnostic

Diagnostic de véhicules

CLEARSY’s method consists in describing essential properties the vehicle has to respect, with a constant level of details.

PSA – After-sale Service

With the massive arrival of embedded electronics, the functions offered by automobile manufacturers have become ever more complex.

Automobile mechanics are faced wtih new problems with these functions, which depend on numerous calculators and actuators spread through internal information networks in the vehicle (multiplexing).

After-sale service providers must equip themselves wtih new methods and tools in order to understand the precise workings of the automobile and produce the diagnostic data associated with the various functions.


The method proposed by CLEARSY consists of describing in a consistent manner the essential operational properties that the vehicle must maintain. The diagnostics are then conducted by comparing the actual vehicle performance to the performance rules.

The use of rigorous mathematic formalism allows us to do the following:

  • Describe precisely the system properties for each replaceable element involved in a function,
  • Find quickly the ambiguities and loopholes in the specification documents,
  • Confirm the coherence of the specifications.


This method has been applied to all functions of two vehicles (307 and 206), including the mechanical and electronical functions (motors, automatic gear boxes).

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