Car diagnosis

A solution for diagnosing an electronic breakdown in a car

DIAGELEC is a Repair Help software for malfunctions in GOLF 4 motors and air conditioning. It analyzes primarily electrical and electronic problems and is aimed at car garage owners and mechanics working on vehicles of this category.

For example, it helps identify breakdowns having the following characteristics:

  • Lack of power
  • Impossibility of starting the car
  • Fits and starts acceleration
  • Excessive vibration when stopping the motorPoor ventilator operation

Operationnal principle

DiagElec creates a diagnosis of the automobile breakdown through the following:

  • Checking possible default codes,
  • Test or measurement results or the replacements that the tool suggests,
  • Checks that the tool asks you to make.

While you are using the tool, you always have the choice of preference of a given check or proposed test. To help you, the tool displays a grade from 1-10 for each check or test. The higher the grade, the more you are encouraged to conduct such a test or such a check.

In addition, at all times, the tool lists a certain number of possible malfunctions with an adjacent ranking, from 0 to 100%. The higher the ranking, the more probable the malfunction is.

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