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INFRABEL equipped with the new CLEARSY automated driving simulator ERTMS, Railway

CLEARSY has just provided 6 automated driving simulators to the Belgian railway infrastructure manager INFRABEL, in order to carry out, among other things, the consistency tests of the track data on all routes of all ETCS level 1 lines in Belgium.

Opsimu, CLEARSY’s new train driving simulator, more ergonomic with its 3D visualisation ERTMS, Railway

CLEARSY is launching a new version of its operational train driving simulator on tracks equipped with the European Rail Traffic […]

Fire safety system supervision deployed in PARIS and Grand Paris metros Fire safety, Railway

The central supervision system developed by CLEARSY allows RATP to concentrate, in a central fire safety station, the supervision (control […]

logo Methode B
Control of coherence between code and specifications Railway

Control of coherence between code and specifications CLEARSY has the role of “external controller” within the context of developing these […]

Système automatique d’exploitation des trains, ligne 1 (SAET L1)
Qualification consulting for MF2000 Railway

CLEARSY was hired to provide technical assistance in the verification of the ascending phase in the V cycle, meaning the […]

Système de Recharge Rapide de Tramway (SRRT)
Rapid recharging tramway system (SRRT) Railway

Within the framework of research aimed at improving the tramways, an embedded energy storage device rapid recharging system in the […]

Annonces sonores
Embeded Audio announcement system (SAS) Railway

The Onboard Announcement system developed by CLEARSY will be installed in the new Regiolis trains, operated by Alstom. Regiolis is […]

Système COPP
System to control platform screen doors (PARIS line 13) Railway

The SIL3 COPP2 system, installed on 13 stations with platform screen door Line 13 of the Paris metro. It’s a […]

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