CLEARSY attends in major conferences in the field of formal methods (ABZ, SMBF, AFADL, RSSR), and is present in railway […]

Formal approach for critical systems Railway

Since its creation in 2001, CLEARSY has taken the challenge of using formal methods for the design and buidling of safety critical systems.

Operational safety

The principal techniques used by CLEARSY consultants to conduct safety analyses are: safety analysis & safety demonstration and analysis. CLEARSY […]

Platform screen doors control systems Railway

CLEARSY has developed several safety critical systems controlling the opening and closing of platform screen doors installed in metro stations.


CLEARSY is investing to become a major player in the ERTMS/ETCS field. We are supporting our customers with our expertise, […]

Gamme relais RS4
Range of SIL4 safety relay – Vital relay Nuclear-energy, Railway

CLEARSY vital RS4.DIN.202.24V safety relay featuring 2 NO contacts guaranty on opening with a SIL4-level is a success.

Research and development

CLEARSY invests heavily in Research and Development to develop new tools and validate new modeling techniques. CLEARSY conducts many Research […]

Safety displays Nuclear-energy, Railway

CLEARSY develops safety consoles to meet industrial control and visualisation needs.

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