Rhônexpress Tramway - Lyon

Rhônexpress Tramway - Lyon

The Leslys tramway in Lyon, is giving way to the Rhônexpress tramway, which is a new joint transport project, linking Lyon’s city centre to the Saint-Exupéry airport.

In operation since August 2010, this new, modern and comfortable tramway, is now capable of reaching speeds of up to 100km/hr over certain stretches so the journey can be completed in under 30 minutes. This “dedicated airport line” project has been developed in partnership with the Deposit Office, Vinci, and Veolia Transport. The first tests were carried out at the end of May, through until its final installation, on 9 August 2010.

With Rhônexpress sharing a common line with the T3 (another inter-urban tramway), it has also been decided to put a DAAT SIL2 in place (a system preventing a train going through a signal) developed by ClearSy, in partnership with Vossloh. This device thus enables the automatic halting of the tramway in the event signals are crossed. The tramway equipped with this DAAT is currently being tested at night outside passenger operation prior to its final installation.

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