CLEARSY, a key player in Parisian metro projects Metro (CBTC)

CLEARSY has been supporting RATP in its Paris projects for 30 years! From the development of Meteor, line 14, based […]

CLEARSY at INNOTRANS (Hall 27 – stand 301) from September 24 to 27, 2024 in BERLIN Exhibitions/conferences, Metro (CBTC), Railway

CLEARSY’s team is pleased to be present at the INNOTRANS exhibition which will take place from 24 to 27 September […]

The joint efforts of SIEMENS Mobility and CLEARSY have resulted in a number of commissionings in 2024! Metro (CBTC), Safety, Tools

Indeed, CLEARSY is proud to support Siemens Mobility by taking part in all V-cycle activities for the development of their […]

CLEARSY continues to roll out its Platform Screen Doors control systems in São Paulo subway Metro (CBTC), Offers, Railway, Safety

COPPILOT is a railway safety system (up to SIL4) that controls the opening and closing of platform screen doors in […]

CLEARSY RS4 safety relays approved by RATP Metro (CBTC), Railway, Safety

CLEARSY’s RS4 safety relays have been approved by the RATP for use in safety metro station platform door closing systems.

Platform doors on PARIS line 13 controlled by CLEARSY’s safety system Metro (CBTC), Railway, Safety

RATP renews its confidence in the system developed by CLEARSY and in service since 2012 on line 13, for SIL3 […]

CLEARSY secures SIEMENS supervision software Fire safety, Metro (CBTC), Railway, Safety

CLEARSY is proud to support its customer SIEMENS MOBILITY in the project to secure the supervision software as part of […]

Renewal of the RATP CLEARSY partnership Metro (CBTC), Railway, Tools

We are delighted to announce that CLEARSY has recently signed a four-year framework agreement with RATP (PARIS subway) for safety […]