CLEARSY continues to roll out its Platform Screen Doors control systems in São Paulo subway

19 June 2024

COPPILOT is a railway safety system (up to SIL4) that controls the opening and closing of platform screen doors in subway stations independently of all other signalling systems. This system is unique because it does not require on-board installation, relying solely on wayside sensors monitoring the train’s behaviour.

All safety treatments are carried out by in-house dual processors architecture based on the patented CLEARSY Safety platform which is certified by the French famous standardisation body CERTIFER.

Since the first contracts signed in 2009, CLEARSY has rolled out successive versions of COPPILOT in São Paulo lines L1, L2, L3 and L15, offering more and more features leading to the capability to manage several train fleets running on the same line, as well as managing two PSD wall per COPPILOT unit when there is a platform on both sides of the track.

COPPILOT is now a reference in South America, in particular in Brazil.