CLEARSY an innovative player in saving little-used rail lines ERTMS, R&D, Railway, Safety, Tools

New Frugal Rail Signaling (NS2F) is a collaborative project supported by the French government as part of the France Relance […]

Version 4 of the ETCS specification has just been published Computer science, ERTMS, Offers, Railway, Tools

A new version of the European Train Control System (ETCS) specification has just been published: Baseline 4. Over the past […]

The CLEARSY platform screen gate monitoring system for the Honolulu metro is in operation Metro (CBTC), Railway, Tools

The Honolulu metro is equipped with STANLEY platform screen doors, which are controlled by the HITACHI Automatic Train Control (ATC) […]

HACKATHON CLEARSY Safety Platform in IMD/UFRN university, NATAL (BRAZIL) Computer science, Safety, Tools

During one week, UFRN students are going to compete over several challenges involving the modelling in B and the control […]

The new Siemens centralized control room secured by CLEARSY Fire safety, Railway, Safety, Tools

SIEMENS has entrusted CLEARSY with the SIL2 safety of the supervision display for the SNCF’s new RER (commuter) train operating […]

The CLEARSY safety protocol on Schneider PLCs Computer science, Fire safety, Safety, Tools

In the continuity of our activities in the field of fire safety, CLEARSY implements and realizes the safety protocol for […]

A certified version of ATELIER B is planned for 2024 Computer science, Tools

A certified version of ATELIER B, the tool used to specify and prove safety critical software is planned for 2024. […]

Formal activities through the V cycle Computer science, Tools

CLEARSY uses formal methods in many phases in the development cycle: systems reasoning: to define and prove mathematically system safety […]