CLEARSY – industrial solutions editor – CLEARSY Safety Platform coming soon

27 May 2019

CLEARSY company specialised on safety systems provides services all over the world. But with placing on the market of SIL4 safety systems development kit, the company from Aix-en-Provence positions itself as an editor and a distributor. CLEARSY Safety Platform kit is intended for companies supplying industrial sector with safety systems.  

CLEARSY Safety Platform focuses on the low-cost automatization of safety software (SIL4) development. Its technology, dual processor (CLEARSY patent) architecture supported by B toolkit is a summary of CLEARSY know-how, a company from Aix-en-Provence specialised on safety systems.  A kit contains material and software platforms. As for project definition and implementation assistance, it will be soon available on the market.  It will allow its buyers to develop their own systems in performing environment: material platform of software execution is being secured in real time in order to guarantee the maximum security level of target system.

CLEARSY project manager Thierry Lecomte explains: “Our future clients supply the industrial sector with safety systems. With the help of CLEARSY Safety Platform kit they will have at their disposal both material and software environment allowing to develop their own systems”.  By positioning itself as an editor and distributor CLEARSY opens a new market and offers new perspectives to industrial sector suppliers. Companies which don’t have internal resources to get acquainted with the platform will become a part of CLEARSY platform users. Thierry Lecomte precises: “It is intended that our experts provide their assistance to customers who buy Safety platform and take charge of technical difficulties.

CLEARSY Safety Platform is developed as part of collaborative project (LCHIP) led by company from Aix. It will be SNCF, a consortium member, who will evaluate the technology using its numerous significant studies carried out in railway sector. The delivery of finished products is planned for the end of 2019 and the first starter kit has already been presented to all concerned domains, and is on sale.