The CLEARSY safety protocol on Schneider PLCs

30 January 2023

In the continuity of our activities in the field of fire safety, CLEARSY implements and realizes the safety protocol for the communication between the Fire Safety Control Station (FSCS) and the Tunnel Ventilation Controllers (TVC).

Delivered with a certificate, this protocol allows a SIL2 level safety communication, according to NF EN 61508 standard, between a Schneider Electric France M580 safety PLC and the CLEARSY supervisor installed on an NSIL industrial computer.

This protocol is encapsulated in the OPC UA protocol to integrate cyber security.

Through this protocol, the PCSI will be able to trigger the smoke extraction scenarios and supervise their status, allowing the operator to execute the measures necessary to ensure the safety of people and structures.

It is being carried out as part of the Grand Paris Express project for the FAN consortium (Eiffage-Clemessy, Axima, Equans), which is responsible for the tunnel ventilation package for lines 15 South, 16 and 17.