CLEARSY’s wayside-only berthing system for Platform Screen Door control and passenger entrapment detection

19 July 2023

CLEARSY’s systems are deployed in major networks (Brisbane, Paris, Sao Paulo, Stockholm). CLEARSY COPPILOT wayside-only berthing system ensures the proper berthing of the train for the operation of the Platform Screen Doors (PSD), and then deliver an automatic PSD opening/closing command based on the operation of the train car doors.

For curved Metro platforms, CLEARSY DIL system deployed in many lines in PARIS ensures to detect passenger entrapment between the train doors and the PSD when the PSD are closed.

Independent system and independent of the signalling, and out of the train concerning COPPILOT, Operators are free to install any PSD on stations and more on whole lines. It permits also tests of PSD on specific stations with all the necessary Safety Integrity Level.