Exploitation and dissemination



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Exploitation and dissemination


CLEARSY Safety Platform building blocks have been certified twice for the development of platform screen doors controllers installed on automatic metros platforms. These systems are installed in São Paulo (Brazil) on line 15 and in Stockholm (Sweden) on the CityBanan line.  These certificates demonstrate the ability to certify systems based on the CLEARSY Safety Platform.

North America market

The CLEARSY Safety Platform is being deployed in North America, by a North American industrial customer. The role played by the existence of the CLEARSY Safety Platform was essential to gain this new customer and win this contract.

Railway signalling

With the R&D project FUI LCHIP, the CLEARSY Safety Platform is experimented with a case study provided by SNCF (signalling system for temporary work area). The positive results obtained could lead to the adoption of the CLEARSY Safety Platform to develop signalling systems smaller than interlocking.


With the R&D project PIA DEPARTS, the CLEARSY Safety Platform is used to control a level crossing (case study from SNCF). The high number of inputs imposed to build a stack of 6 SK0 boards, connected through a local bus. The stack is also connected to 3 devices (COMSET TOR) to acquire digital data remotely. This prototype demonstrates the flexibility of the CLEARSY Safety Platform with various use cases.

Autonomous vehicles

With the project Demoiselle (automatic shuttle for public transportation on roads and trails between the Aix en ProvenceTGV station and TheCamp), the CLEARSY Safety Platform could be used to improve the safety level of the shuttle through interactions with specific infrastructure and speed limit enforcement.

Mobile robots

Following past dissemination actions worldwide, several technical and scientific contacts were made for mobile robots :

  • with the mecatronics department of IFRN – Natal (Brazil).
  • with the group Marine Robotic at University of Minho (Portugal).

Moreover the group RoboStar* uses the CLEARSY Safety Platform as a translation target for their robotic Domain Specific Language RoboSim, through research activities with UFRN – Natal (Brazil).


  • The marketing of the SK1 board: with 28 digital inputs/outputs, it allows industry to prototype systems (contrary to the SK0 which is mainly aimed at education).
  • The continuation of the dissemination activities, through scientific seminars, conferences, talks given at universities and engineering schools, an by attending professional exhibitions.
  • The deployment in the railways together with SNCF and RATP.
  • The promotion in domains requiring critical systems like (nuclear) energy. As a reminder, CLEARSY is Tier 1 supplier for EDF (Electricité de France).
  • The set-up of a complete commercial offer integrating the results of the LCHIP project (IDE and electronic board (CLEARSY), improved proof (OCamlpro, LRI), connection to DSL (IFSTTAR) and host testing facility (LIP6)).
  • The development of the PLC, CLEARSY Safety Platform Core, a daughterboard to plug to a motherboard to be used for the development of safety systems up to SIL4.