25 May 2021

CLEARSY has developed and certified the CLEARSY SAFETY PLATFORM, a solution for safety critical processing up to SIL4. It meets the SIL4 requirements of the standards CENELEC EN50126:2017, EN50128:2011, EN50129:2018.

The SIL4 generic certificate integrates directly in the user’s application safety case. Thus, SIL4 vital applications can be easily developed and certified, in a very flexible work frame leaving full freedom in the application’s specific aspects while providing the pre-certified core processing solution.

The product comprises:

  • The core processing board, a small electronic board carrying the 2 processors (2oo2 composite safety architecture);
  • The development and compiling tool suite;
  • The safety guide that provides the safety related application conditions.

The core processing board is thus designed to be integrated as a “safety core processor” in any kind of vital systems. The safety critical programs developed for such systems in each core are implemented in safety just by using the tool suite and complying to the safety guide.

The user is free to develop any application, integrating the processor board into any electronic design, using any specific inputs / outputs and peripherals.

The SIL4-certified CLEARSY Safety Platform solution guarantees:

  • Safety against any processing error in the safety program (memory corruption, instruction error, etc.);
  • Clock correctness (thanks to interlocked clocks);
  • Safety against compilation errors.

CLEARSY offers to develop your custom security system or to help you to develop it yourself, at very competitive costs since it is based on our already certified calculator.