Certified T2, the CLEARSY DATA SOLVER tool speeds up the data validation process

22 July 2020

Developed by CLEARSY, this software tool allows to build tools of formal validation of data, whatever their specificities. T2 certified, according to Cenelec standard EN 50128 (SIL4 rail projects), it significantly speeds up the data validation process.

With the CLEARSY DATA SOLVER it is now possible to build formal data validation tools, whatever their specificities. This is a significant step forward, thanks to CLEARSY’s cross validation experience in data and formal methods. “Providing manufacturers with tools that were perfectly adapted to their needs meant developing a tool or test bench for each new project”, explains Erwan Mottin, Business Manager at CLEARSY. “There was more to do, and we created CLEARSY DATA SOLVER, a common software base for all validation tools”. This base has just obtained the T2 certification according to the Cenelec EN 50128 standard for SIL4 rail projects.

It meets 90% of industrial needs in terms of data validation tool. The remaining 10% are options dictated by the specificities of each contract. “From this common core, it is possible to build any formal data validation tool just by adding specific needs”. It suffices, for example, to enrich it with a human machine interface (HMI) containing the validation rules selection filters, a configuration area of the validation campaign and finally a view to display the non-conformities directly in the context of the actual project (e.g. a railroad map). The resulting specific tool is used, for example, to validate ERTMS Level 1 technical plans and parameter data (messages exchanged with the train for the management of European rail traffic). The superiority of our tool is that it is certified T2, explains Erwan Mottin. It can therefore be used to check SIL4 systems according to the Cenelec EN 50128 standard. The manufacturer using a tool based on CLEARSY DATA SOLVER will only have a small percentage of the safety demonstration to produce for his overall validation process, the core benefiting from the built-in guarantee provided by the CLEARSY tool. The impact on the time-to-market is considerable, concludes Erwan Mottin. Alstom, Atos, Siemens, SNCF and Thales have already adopted this technology. The latest, Atkins, has made the same choice to validate the configuration data for the Shepperton railway interlocking system in south-west London.