CLEARSY vital relay was creating the buzz during Innotrans

10 October 2016

Vital relay certified SIL4 actually exists: CLEARSY introduced it during the global railway conference Innotrans.

In September at Innotrans in Berlin: CLEARSY RS4.DIN.202.110V relay was exposed. It is the first relay guaranty on opening with a SIL4 certification, the highest level of safety. RS4 was certified in July 2016 by Certifer. There is no equivalent in the market.

RS4.DIN.202.110V relay is designed for onboard system as it is certified EN50155 and has 2000V galvanic isolation. It is compact (DIN format) and light (260g/0,57lbs). There are 2 NO contacts guaranty on opening and 2 NC contacts. It is commanded by 72V or 110V.

This relay shows the unique expertise of CLEARSY. The company has a deep knowledge of railway safety critical systems and is able to design highly reliable systems. RS4 Relay is available in 12 different versions to fit customer’s needs. Every kind of RS4 relay is also available in 3U card format. On every 3U card, there are two independent RS4 relays (202) with 2 NO contacts guaranty on opening. These cards are commanded with a different voltage input and they have a different number of contacts, however they can also be equipped on-board or on the wayside. The complete range of RS4 is in the process of being certified.

The following European standards are followed for certification: EN 50126, EN 50129, EN 50121 serie, EN 50155 and EN 50124-1