Swedish fair dedicated to the Rail Transport Sector

6 February 2009

CLEARSY participated in the “Nordic Elmia Rail” fair, which took place from 6th to 8th October 2009, in Jonkoping in Sweden. This show, dedicated to the rail transport sector, has gathered together the market’s greatest protagonists, around various problems such as material, as well as safety…

CLEARSY had a booth here, and thus presented its FERSIL security systems:

  • the COPP System, a system to control the opening and closing of the SIL3 platform screen doors,
  • the DOF1 System, a system to open and close the SIL3 platform screen doors,
  • the KPVA, a specific control system for independent governing of overspeed,
  • the DNH System, a safety system for detecting the passage of a train, SIL4,
  • the KFS Beacons and Sensors (DAAT), a system preventing passage through a signal.