The safety-critical data validation tool is certified T2 SIL4.

5 August 2021

The CLEARSY safety-critical data validation tool is now certified T2 for SIL4 level in accordance to the EN 50128:2011 standard, by CERTIFER.

The SIL4 level corresponds to the highest level for safety critical software and those parameterized by critical data require their validation by T2 SIL4 tools now required by the standard in its English version: the IEC 62279.

The tool is called CLEARSY Data Solver; it is used by large industrial companies and end users to validate critical software parameterization data and to find counter-examples in case of detected errors. The time saving is very important, both in the development phase and in the fine-tuning phase when automatic tests replay are made. It is based on a formal validation core.