Système de Contrôle Ponctuel de Vitesse Autonome (KPVA)
KPVA maintenance support software (LIAM IP KPVA)

The KPVA beacons allow the punctual speed control of a train. Based on radar technology, the beacon installed on the […]

Carte d’interface train SIL4
SIL4 Train interface device for ANSALDO

Boosted by its recognised expertise in the domain of electronic railway safety, through, among other things, its developments in onboard […]

B METHOD for the construction of a MICROKERNEL

The B METHOD for the construction of MICROKERNEL – Based Systems : Sarah Hoffmann, Germain Haugou – STMicroeletronics Sophie Gabriele […]

Pont d’assaut modulaire (SPRAT)
Modular assault bridge (SPRAT)

The originality of the system comes from the fact the length of the bridge is modulated based on the length […]

Direction générale de l'Armement
Formal verification of the interoperability of autonomous systems (OISAU)

The DGA (French Government Defence procurement and technology agency ) is the project manager of a study, which will define the […]

Event-b for the synthesizable VHDL

Forcoment project: Event-b for the synthesizable VHDL

DEPLOY R&D project

Industrial deployment of system engineering methods providing high dependability and productivity.

Simulateur opérationnel intégré à un simulateur dynamique sur verrin
Operational Simulator in motion based simulator (DB)

CLEARSY has helped Deutsche Bahn to fit their motion simulator TCSim (München) with ERTMS within the frame of braking curve […]

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