CLEARSY supplies an ETCS laboratory to the research centre DZSF in Germany.

23 February 2022

CLEARSY will provide the German Centre for Railway Traffic Research DZSF (Deutsches Zentrum für Schienenverkehrsforschung) and the Federal Railway Authority EBA (Eisenbahn-Bundesamt) with an ETCS laboratory.

The EBA is a federal body responsible for ensuring railway safety on the German rail network. It has similar functions to those of the EPSF in France.

The DZSF is a technical-scientific research institute established by the Federal Government in May 2019, independent within EBA. Its mission is to strengthen rail transport in Germany through application- and solution-oriented research. Its ambition is to document research results, to steer and coordinate research projects, and to carry them out itself. The aim is to achieve a more efficient use of resources and a sustainable strengthening of rail as a mode of transport.

The DZSF deals with the central issues of the railway sector as defined in the Federal Railway Research Programme and tries to find solutions to them. The main research areas are economic efficiency, environment, sustainable mobility and safety.

The ETCS laboratory provided by CLEARSY will simulate a complete environment for various studies and investigations in the ERTMS domain (both trackside and on-board), as well as testing of on-board (OBU or EVC) and trackside (RBC or RBC/interlocking) industrial components. All three versions of Baseline (Baseline 2, Baseline 3 Maintenance Release 1 and Baseline 3 Release 2) will be implemented.

The ETCS laboratory includes an accurate simulation of the trackside elements (traffic management, RBC, interlocking system, transmission by balise or PZB 90 magnet), a precise simulation of several ETCS-equipped trains (EVC and peripherals, including the PZB STM), one of which can be connected to a driver’s desk with an ETCS DMI, as well as a 3D visualisation. This last part is intended for ergonomic studies.