SIFER Fair 2009 at Lille

20 July 2020

CLEARSY has the pleasure of announcing its participation to the SIFER railway fair 2009, that will take place in Lille from the 26th to the 29th of May. This sixth edition of the railway industry international fair brings together the principal actors of the railway sector.

CLEARSY intends to present its skills in the safety domain.

6th International Railway Industry Fair

CLEARSY attended the SIFER 2009 Railway Fair, which was held in Lille from 26th to 29th May 2009. The fair aims to gather together the main protagonists in the railway market around various issues, including that of railway safety.

Within this framework, CLEARSY demonstrated its railway expertise. We presented our various railway products and systems there, among which were:

  • le DRF, un détecteur de roue fer sécuritaire,
  • the COPP System, a system to control the opening and closing of the SIL3 platform screen doors,
  • the DOF1 System, a system to open and close the platform screen doors, SIL3,
  • the KPVA, a specific control system for independent governing of overspeed,
  • the DNH System, a safety system for detecting the passage of a train, SIL4,
  • KFS (DAAT) Beacons and Sensors, a system preventing train passing through a signal,
  • the SNCF alarm and Railway Indicators, element of railway signalling.

Parallel to these products, we have also communicated about the recent launching of the Atelier B 4.0, a software engineering tool enabling the developing of software and systems proven to be flawless with the help of the B method.