Grand Paris Express: CLEARSY will deliver a SIL2-certified fire safety equipment supervision system

3 April 2023

CLEARSY is stepping into the Grand Paris Express project with a SIL2 level fire safety equipment supervision system. The future lines 15 and 16 and 17 are concerned.

Grand Paris Express: a project to connect the Grand Paris territories to each other and to the capital. Concretely, an essentially underground network of 200 km of automatic lines around the capital crossing 68 stations. All connected to the existing transport network. A technical and organizational challenge. In this file, it is CLEARSY, contracted by the THALES/SIEMENS consortium, which will deliver the system allowing remote monitoring and control of the fire safety equipment (SSI) of the future lines 15, 16 and 17. A central contribution to safety travelers in transit in the 35 stations concerned.

The system developed by CLEARSY will make it possible, from two central fire safety stations (PCSI), to remotely monitor and control fire safety equipment (detectors, fans, etc.) as well as smoke extraction systems in tunnels. A feature that requires a specific security interface, says Jean-Philippe Pitzalis. In addition to security supervision, there will be an Operations Assistance Unit (UAE) with the main functions of locating incidents and helping to clear up doubts. CLEARSY will deliver two PCSIs, one to control line 15, the second for lines 16 and 17. The system, which also complies with ANSSI cybersecurity standards (1) with a CSL4 level, must also be SIL2 certified according to the standard 61508. CLEARSY will prepare the safety case. But in the end, it is the National Center for Prevention and Protection (2) which will judge its compliance with SSI standards and which will authorize its commissioning.

This project is in line with the one that CLEARSY developed and put into service in the fall of 2019, for the RATP: the technical base (off-the-shelf calculators, software, etc.) and the safety principles are the same. The context is different, complex, with contracts not yet awarded, a project engineering challenge. Our system must connect with subsystems still under development, notes Jean-Philippe Pitzalis, Managing Director at CLEARSY, for whom the challenge will therefore also be the interface with the major industrialists on the file.CLEARSY will also provide the supervisor for line 18 of Grand Paris for the project led by ALSTOM.

(1) National Information Systems Security Agency

(2) article GA44.2 – ERP/GARE regulations specifying fire detection and fire safety installations