The French National Cyber Strategy supports CLEARSY on a safe and secure sovereign computer

27 March 2023

The new French Cyber Campus awards CLEARSY on a safe and secure sovereign computer.

The Cyber Campus at PARIS was inaugurated on February 15, 2022 by Bruno Le Maire, France’s Minister of Economy, Finance and Industry.

This campus will be the spearhead of France’s cyber policy. Bringing together more than 160 national and international players in the field of digital security – i.e. 1,800 experts – the Campus, headed by Michel Van Den Berghe, will promote research and development projects as well as the emergence of tomorrow’s cyber unicorns.

Support for the development of innovative and critical cyber technologies, at the heart of the strategy, has been launched. Funded by France 2030 to the tune of €150 million over the duration of the plan, three calls for projects have already been opened.

CLEARSY is one of the winners for its CASES project:

The CASES project aims to build a generic safe and secure sovereign computer, enabling the control and command of critical systems at the highest level of integrity. It combines the state of the art in terms of computer and software, using formal methods in a reasoned manner.